Christian Foundation Series

Tim and Anne go topic by topic through the foundational ideas that go into a full Christian worldview. We developed this series because we have found people’s struggle to really live out the life of Jesus’s disciple is often rooted in not accepting or misunderstanding one of these crucial ideas.

Foundation 1: Five Ways You Can Prove God's Existence to OthersPodcast Episode
Foundation 2: Foundation Two: Do You Still Believe in Miracles?Podcast Episode
Foundation 3: Four Facts to Know Before Opening Your BiblePodcast Episode
Foundation 4: The New Testament has been changed? 4 steps to prove them wrongPodcast Episode
Foundation 5: Is the Old Testament Made Up? Three evidences to prove them wrong.Podcast EpisodeBlog Post
Foundation 6: Are you a good person? The Biblical View Human NaturePodcast Episode
Foundation 7:Test Love Through the True Love Formula; Understanding God's attributes 1Podcast Episode
Foundation 8: God's Attributes part 2 Test "justice" through God's just standardsPodcast Episode
Foundation 9: Foundation Nine: Gods Purpose for His Creation: How to not live a life in vain.Podcast Episode
Foundation 10: God's Court Scene. Only God can judge, so how will God judge you and me?Podcast Episode
Foundation 11: Hell is For Real. Let's Look at What Jesus has to say About it.Podcast Episode
Foundation 12: Heaven is for Real: How Can We Get Up and Shine With Real Hope Every Day? The 3 Facts About Our future Resurrection!Podcast Episode