Discipler Quiz

Do you think the Christian faith can be defended with arguments?

Would you agree with the following statement: People are basically good, but everyone messes up from time to time.

How often do you spend time with God in His Word?

Do you know how to memorize scripture?

Do you believe the Bible is the most reliable source for knowing God's will?

How often do you share the gospel with words?

Do you know Jesus as your savior from sin and have you submitted your life to Him as Lord?

How sure are you that if you died today that you would be with Jesus?

How many people have you measurably helped to walk with Jesus more closely?

On a scale from one to five, five being the most sure, how clear are you on the commitment Jesus is asking of you?

How many spiritual generations have you currently produced?

On a scale from one to five (five being complete victory) how much victory do you have over sin in your life?

From Genesis to Revelation, On a scale of one to five (five meaning really well) how well do you know the Bible?

On a scale from one to five (five being completely involved) how involved do you feel the Holy Spirit is in your walk with God?

On a scale from one to five (five being the highest) how confident are you that God hears and answers your prayers?

On a scale from one to five (five being the highest) how sure are you that you are an example of what it means to run after Jesus that others can follow?

Discipler Quiz
A Believer
You have come to know Jesus but your experience in abiding with Him and being in His mission is limited. We recommend you pursue growth in the basics of the faith for now, praying for opportunities to share your faith with others.
Basic Disciple
Master Disciplemaker
You are obviously interested in learning about Jesus and may even be participating in some Christian activities but you haven't made a commitment to God. We recommend reading the book of John with a mature disciple of Jesus you can trust! Ask Jesus to reveal Himself as you study His Word.

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