Jesus Small Group Assessment

Welcome to your Jesus Small Group Assessment

Does your small group have a clear discipleship oriented goal?

Is your small group leader someone who is able to disciple individuals?

Is your small group leader a disciple that lives out Jesus' life model?

Does your small group train members to be in Christ's mission?

Does your small group focus on getting the real or true answer from scripture? Or is it more opinion based?

Does your small group leader convey that the truth about God and the Christian life can really be known?

Are clear applications a regular part of your small group meetings?

Is there consistent follow up outside of the scheduled meeting time for training done during small group?

Is personal holiness building a focus in your small group?

Does your small group have members who just aren't interested?

Are members learning to personally be in the word from your small groups meetings?

Does your small group foster an environment where people are allowed to debate ideas or challenge wrong understanding?

Does your small group often make exceptions to the truth based on members personal emotional reactions?

Are the leaders of your small group afraid of losing members if they speak out the truth of scripture too firmly?

Does your small group give practical training on doing evangelism?

Does everyone in the group know the focus and goal of the small group?

Does the leader of the small group personally have a passion for making disciples?

Are the studies done in your small group related to and promoting the overall goal?

Does the church "over" promote small groups so that people feel obligated to join?

Are your small group leader equipped by the church to disciple individuals?

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